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Dr. Bowers - Trinidad CO

Marci Bowers is a Gynecologic Surgeon who in January 2003 joined renowned SRS surgeon, Dr. Stanley Biber in Trinidad, Colorado. A 1986 Medical School graduate from the University of Minnesota, she served as class and student body President. She is a former Department Chairperson at Swedish Medical Center (Providence) in Seattle and had consistently been one of the busiest surgeons in Seattle until her move to Colorado. Dr. Bowers brings 20+ years of pelvic surgery experience to her work in gender surgery. She was voted as one of America's Best Doctors for 2002-2003 and was recently elected to the European Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Bowers performs a highly modified version of the penile inversion technique originally developed by Dr. George Burou, also a gynecologist. Dr. Burou performed GRS in Casablanca from the late 1950's until the 1970s. His original description of the procedure found its way to Johns Hopkins' gender program, where Dr. Stanley Biber requested these original drawings in 1969. He then applied his general surgery experience and modifications to the technique.

When SRS succumbed to politics in the 1970's, university based SRS programs withdrew their support and began to close. This left Dr. Biber as the premier SRS surgeon in the world, eventually resulting in Trinidad, Colorado's coronation as the "Sex Change Capital of the World"

During her nearly 8 years in Trinidad, Dr. Bowers made substantial improvements and innovations to the surgery. Most notable was the move to an entirely one-stage procedure with a high degree of esthetic refinement.

"Many have come here to Trinidad to learn the surgery...some didn't have the hands, some didn't have the confidence, and some didn't have the heart. Marci is the first to have all three"
Stanley Biber, MD (as stated in the TLC documentary "The Sex Change Capital of the World")

"Make no mistake...Marci IS the future of Transgender Surgery"
Douglas Ousterhout, MD

Dr. Bowers - San Mateo, CA

The move to California late in 2010 has had its challenges. First and foremost, Dr. Bowers had to consider the needs of patients. Although costs are higher, not surprisingly, here in San Francisco, Dr. Bowers was able to keep costs to patients virtually flat compared to Colorado. This took sacrifice on the part of Dr. Bowers, shortening of the hospital stay (compensated by extra time in the recovery facility), and a very cooperative administration here at Mills-Peninsula Hospital and at the San Mateo Surgery Center (SMSC), located adjacent to the new office.

An extremely pleasant aspect of the move has been the excellent staff, colleagues and superb post-op facility called the RCI (Recovery Care Inn). It is part of Mills Hospital and is served by full nursing care in a loving, private, dedicated portion on the top floor of the hospital, views of San Francisco Bay.

Another plus is the proximity of the clinic, hospital and Residence Inn Marriott to the San Francisco International Airport. Everything is within 10 to 15 minutes of the airport. The Bay Area is beautiful, and offers wonderful food, weather, shopping, and sight-seeing. Exciting San Francisco is located just 30 minutes north of San Mateo. We have found the people in California to be so warm and welcoming...we know you'll enjoy your stay!

"I love your patients! I feel this is my calling and why I went into nursing in the first place. I will always be with you!"
Pat Jones, Head Nurse at Mills RCI

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