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Metoidioplasty is the freeing of the enlarged clitoris/penis from the underlying labia minora and dropping it via release of the suspensory ligament. Construction of a testicle-laden scrotal sac is also an option. The simple meta is cheap (less than $5,000), virtually complication free and looks great in creating a working, decent sized phallus. It is a technique that Dr. Bowers created and is not taught anywhere. It is ideal for this guys with good clitoral/penile growth on testosterone at least two years. It does not allow guys to pee while standing, but can be combined with Scrotoplasty (testicle implants) and Hysterectomy if desired.

Pre-op and Post-op

  • Cease taking aspirin / aspirin-like products one week prior to procedure.
  • Arrive in San Mateo two days before your procedure. You will meet with Dr. Bowers the day prior to your surgery for a pre-op exam.
  • Plan to stay in San Mateo for at least two nights past your procedure, and depart no sooner than the 3rd day.

More Information
Please visit the Transster.com site for additional information and links related to Metoidioplasty.

See also the FTM Surgery Info Yahoogroup and the FTM Metoidioplasty Yahoogroup

Please note that Dr. Bowers does not presently offer Phalloplasty.

Since metoidioplasty is dependent upon the impact of testosterone on the genitalia, please be prepared to discuss your hormone regimen and history with Dr. Bowers. Metoidioplasty is a final destination for some transmen, and an intermediate step for others. Please let Dr. Bowers know your expectations and any future plans for genital surgery.

Want to schedule surgery? Please use this Application Form in PDF Format or RTF Format when sending in a deposit for your procedure.

Have a date set? Please submit your Medical History using this form, in PDF Format or RTF Format at least one month prior to your surgery.

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