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Surgical removal of the testes, in order to reduce testosterone / reliance on testosterone blockers. Either an intermediate procedure prior to GRS, or a final procedure for those who do not desire GRS. Orchiectomy will generally not impact one's GRS outcome in terms of depth, scarring, or any other parameter. Prior orchi, however, does not significantly reduce the time or complexity associated with GRS, and as a result, does not reduce costs.

Pre-op and Post-op

  • Cease taking aspirin / aspirin-like produces one week prior to procedure.
  • Arrive either the day before or the morning of your procedure
  • Plan to stay in the area for two nights past your procedure, and depart no sooner than the 3rd day.
  • May ask that medications / prescription be mailed / called in prior to surgery in order to minimize post-op activity.
  • This procedure sounds simple but can be unusually painful and can result in swelling / complications. Take this procedure seriously!

More Information
Please visit the TS-Roadmap site for additional information and links related to Orchiectomy.

The TS-Roadmap site also has an excellent discussion of reproductive options for transgendered women; please consider whether you wish to store sperm prior to either GRS or Orchiectomy. (and much preferably, prior to starting hormones!)

The HBIGDA Standards of Care requirements for Orchiectomy are similar to those for GRS/SRS (real life experience, etc). Please refer to our GRS Requirements for Surgery page for additional details. Normally, only a single letter of recommendation is required, although patients are expected to be living fulltime.

For genetic males not planning to transition, castration can be performed, but requires two (2) letters: one from a mental health professional and the second letter can be from any medical provider. Letter(s) must detail specific rationale for why the procedure is to be performed, and that the consequences of castration have been specifically discussed in detail.

Castration without transition has many irreversible consequences, and we want you to make a fully informed decision.

Want to schedule surgery? Please use this Application Form in PDF Format or RTF Format when sending in a deposit for your procedure.

Have a date set? Please submit your Medical History using this form, in PDF Format or RTF Format at least one month prior to your surgery.

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