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Post-Operative Care (MTF)

Dr. Bowers' patients will be receiving detailed post-operative care instructions following surgery. In the meantime, the following websites have some good advice with regard to dilation and post-operative care:

You can download a recent copy of the post operative care instruction here (PDF), but please refer to any more recent copies that Dr. Bowers may provide you at the time of your surgery, which may supercede these.

Note: "Zen and the Art of Post-Operative Maintenance" is an older document, based on a different surgeon's technique. It contains the warning: NEVER insert the dilator at a downward angle. Most of Dr. Bowers patients, however, find that a slight downward angle is required and proper, but that, once in the vaginal entry, an angle more towards the navel is best. "Zen..." is still a valuable, interesting, and historic document, so we will retain the link. But please adhere to Dr. Bower's post-operative instructions where applicable. Thanks, JF, for the feedback.

Recovery Times

Recovery time for the GRS surgery ranges from 4-6 weeks. If your work schedule permits, an 8 week recovery period is ideal.

Recovery time for any outpatient surgeries range from 2-3 weeks.

Stents / Dilators

We provide MTF patients with a quality set of shaped, tapered, and graduated stents for dilation - a critical part of your post-operative care. You can see the dilators here - they are available for purchase by patients of other surgeons or Dr. Bowers' earlier patients, although future patients will get a set of these in Trinidad.

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